Can't add Binance card to Curve

if this is about that binance card cant be added to curve, i have the same problem

It is a Visa Debit Card

Works ?

Mined worked just fine , maybe if you ordered the plastic one you may need to do a chip and pin transaction or stick it into an ATM and then add it to curve

In the end I tried a couple more times and in the end it went well … maybe I was getting some data wrong :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
thanks again to everyone …
Now I just have to figure out if I have to request the physical card or it arrives automatically … but here I am off topic. :grinning:
have a nice evening

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You need to request the physical card or else… don’t remember what was the other “option” but was clearly not something you could opt out of it

hi joy finally back home tonight I also found the physical card … you can see that today is my day :grinning:

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