Can't add card to Curve

Hi guys.

For some reason I tried to add a new card (Visa) to the curve app. I was charged the usual amount for verification, and refunded, but the bank statement doesn’t show any code. Without it I can’t add the card. Is there a way to solve it, or do I have to talk to my bank?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @joaopfilipe, welcome to the community!
The verification transaction for the Curve card, you do not see it immediately, it may take from 1 to 5 working days on your bank statement.

Yes I know.
I’ve done it March 6, and at March 8 I had the transaction registered. Still the transaction doesn’t show any code.

Ehi @joaopfilipe,
Thi is a code of transaction… if u don’t see, get in touch your bank’s customer service.

[Removing image for security purposes]

Right, what I only see is this:!

[Removing image for security purposes]


Hey @Mattia and @joaopfilipe

I’ve just removed your images for security purposes - these microcharges are made to verify your card and account - sharing them in a public space could result in compromising your account.

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Ehi @Jes, thank you very much for the information! I will avoid posting these types of screens in the future. :smile:

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No problem! We just want to make sure all our of customers are safe. We appreciate all your support @Mattia You’re a fantastic help! :grin:

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