Can't add Curve card to Apple Pay, no reply from support

Hey all,
Is there a massive issue with Curve right now.

I have been trying to add my card to my new iPhone 13 Apple Pay.
I get error to talk to card issuer.

I sent several chat messages to them in the app, got 1 reply which was automated, not a person.
I sent a tweet to the @AskCurve on Twitter and sent a support request from the main website.

I have herd nothing back. It’s been 2 weeks since my first message to them.

They used to be so on the ball. I invested in this company thinking it was going places

Has anyone actually got either Apple Pay to work, if so what did you do?
Got any sort of support from Curve? If so how, or who did you pay off to get it?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @Hulky, welcome to the community! :eyes:

Have you tried adding it via the Curve app? Have you tried locking and unlocking your card?

Hey @Mattia
Yeah I tried through the curve app, also restarting the phone and trying through the app.
I have tried locking and unlocking the card and then locking it over night.
Still same error

Are you on Beta on in stable version?

Try to reinstall your Curve app.

Nope, not on beta, stable app, it was installed when I got the new phone a few weeks back.

I don’t see why the app would be an issue. I have been trying to add the card with me typing it in and using the app to add it. My bank, and my credit card allow it to go through without issues. This is purely a Curve issue.

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