Can't add Curve card to fitbit pay

Trying to add Curve card to Fitbit Charge 4 and it won’t work. Screenshot attached. I have tried two different phones and have gone through the troubleshooting with fitbit live chat for an hour at the end of which they told me that curve wasn’t supported, which is obviously not true as I was able to add the card yesterday before the stupid Fitbit “trickle update” that nobody told me about.

I am in the UK

Is there any special procedure for adding a curve card?

Hey @robturner4g! Firstly, welcome to the Community :raised_hands: It’s best if you reach out to our support team ( about this. They’ll be able to take a look at your account and see what’s causing the issue.

Hi, I’ve emailed, and received a response but I don’t think my replies are working as I have replied twice now and received nothing back. I’m using Gmail.

Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear it! We don’t offer live chat at the moment so it might just take our team a little bit longer to get back to you, but they will!