Can't add Curve to Google pay (contactless) on my Smart Watch

I’ve not been able to add my Curve card to the contactless part of Google Pay on my Smart Watch and the customer service is completely useless and has been for the past 2 weeks.

I had issues with adding the card for contactless on my phone, they did something, after 10 DAYS!!! and it works now, but now I can’t add it to my smart watch and there is no one willing to just get it done.

What a disgraceful service from curve

Anyone else with that issue pls?

Hey @Prodweb sorry to hear of your experience. There’s a couple of different reasons why your card can’t be added to your device. We’ve also noticed that watches become a little bit trickier if it’s being added after already been added to a phone. Would you mind getting in touch with our support team again (and tell them you’re from the Community) so they can take another look?

Thanks for replying. You are correct, I have also noticed that about watches, however, I did try to add a brand new card (initiated from the watch) but still with no luck.
I have contacted Google Pay about this issue and this is what they said:

By the time we are trying to add your card with Google Pay, your bank in declining the transaction or not approving it.
Google Pay is just a payment processor, you initiate the adding of the card, we sent request to your bank, we can’t just use your card on our platform unless your bank approves it.
Now if you can kindly contact your bank, reach the FRAUD department and tokenized your card and approved it, you will be able to use contactless payment that is a 100 percent guarantee.

I have sent that to Customer service but they always reply 1 week after my messages so it’s now been more than 3 weeks! this is really unacceptable customer service and I’m just about to just close my account cause I’ve spent too much time on this.

Hmm…sounds like the token isn’t going through which in turn is not sending you an SMS with a verification code. I really would advise getting in touch with our support team again so they can take another look. You can mention that you’ve been sent from the Community and you can always ring the number on the back of your card or drop them a DM on Twitter or Facebook either to speed up the process.

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Hey @Prodweb - Just double checking, are you a UK customer? Google Pay is only available for Curve within the UK.

Hi @Hannah ,

First, thank you for your help.
Carla called me and she fixed everything! She was amazing. The issue was that the card was still shown as installed on my smart watch from a previous installation therefore your software refused to add the card again as it thought it was already installed.

Thank you

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Hey @Prodweb, glad to hear you got that sorted! :raised_hands:

Thank you also for your help Hannah, I forgot to mention you as well as Carla, my apologies.

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Glad this got sorted, waiting for a new Android watch to be released and look for add to adding my Curve card to it when I get it. With everything thats happening in the world, delays are the norm. I have to say I’ve had mixed experience with curve support. When they don’t have a feature within the app or the phone, they can be quite strong in their stance. That said, they do say they’ll take on my ideas for future builds, who knows they might?