Can't add MCO Visa (Red) to Curve wallet

Can someone help me please? I try to integrate the mco visa (red) all the time, but it doesn’t work :frowning: have the blue curve

Do you have any money in your MCO card wallet?

Do you see any messages (decline reasons) in the Curve app when trying to add the MCO card to your Curve wallet?

yes have money on the MCO card. It says try again or contact support. I also reported to the support via email … They are trying to find a solution … after my last email it was also a few days ago. I reinstalled the app parmal, unfortunately does not work. I want to upgrade to Metal soon but I’m afraid it won’t work anyway

In that case I guess there is not much more you can do then wait for Curve support to come back to you with a solution.

Try to turn on “Enable International Usage” setting of the MCO card in the app. :eu:


Also try to change the Currency for the MCO card within Curve to the right one.

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I mean change the card Currency to Euro in curve


if curve would accept the mco then I can also switch to euro. the curve doesn’t take the mco visa at all :frowning:

[Mod edit - photo showing card number redacted]

Hmm thats really strange

Have you already made a payment with the MCO?
The MCO already tried to add elsewhere?

Is your MCO maybe “Freeze”?
For comparison: Status not “Freeze”.

yes I paid with the mco. not a large sum but have already bought… :frowning:

very funny, almost dubious;) Revolut works. if i delete the whole app and create a brand new account? can i create a new account with the same email? do I actually have cashback now? I’ve already bought a few times with Revolut

The cashback is something from MCO, not Curve

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