Can't add US bank card into curve?

I’m with Europe curve account but have a few cards issued by US banks and all of them work fine but the one from “US bank”, when I try to verify add it to curve it says “it requires additional verification” that’s message from “US bank” side, not curve.
I would think the card is suspended or something but it works just fine on sites, so is it that you can’t just add it to curve or?

Think it has to be uk and EEA only for customers in uk and europe and I guess USA customers can add US cards

US Visa credit cards are not supported yet.

US Visa (and Mastercard) credit cards have been supported for years—since the very beginning—for EU users.

Perhaps something has changed recently?

When you go to add it states visa MasterCard diners and discover your name and in the eea

“Your first card must be the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) issued debit or credit card. You’re welcome to add non-EEA cards once you receive and activate your Curve card.”

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Where are you located at the time ?
(I mean which country are u in when you try to add the USA cards to Curve)
Some USA cards are geographically sensitive……
I couldn’t add mine and when I travel over EU all of a sudden everything was fine.

“US Bank” cards are a problem.
Not only because of the FTF (if they have one you can’t avoid using Curve).
Call US Bank and add the card to Curve at the same time while rep is on phone with you.
They need special authorization to have a “card on file with continuous charge”.

Yes that very well seems to be the case, they even replaced the card without telling me in advance because they thought it’s fraud!
Turns out I have to enable in the app that ill be using it overseas, and I don’t even have the app yet…

not to mention their max daily limit is $1000, lol