Can't connect Visa Card, account damaged?

Hi everybody,

I tried to connect a visa card to a new curve account, details see mail below, I sent it to the support on 09.12. but still got no answer. Maybe someone else had the same problem and got a solution?


Dear Curve Support,

I wanted to connect my Visa card. After I entered the Tan I got the message “somethings gone wrong” and since then this message comes up immediately when starting the app (latest Android version). This is even the case on a second device with a fresh installation. How can I solve this? My account is connected to my mobile phone number …

Kind regards,…

hello, can you confirm the first 6 digits of the card please (BIN)

Hi Dann,

thanks for you reply. The first 6 digits are 415299 .

Is there an option on your side to control international transactions?

there is a known issue with the verification of certain visa cards on android. sign in to your account from an apple device and you’ll be able to complete the process

Yes, international payments are allowed.

Already tried on an IOS device, same problem :frowning:

Have you tried to contact your bank about the issue?

is your card issued in the UK or EEA?

Your first card must be the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) issued debit or credit card.

No, what does my bank have to do with not working curve App? The app does not start, I don’t think that my bank can change this… :see_no_evil:.

I am from Germany, so I think it’s EEA.

They can block Curve.