Can't create a Curve account

Hi, I’m trying to create a new Curve account in the app, after doing all the steps, including associate a bank card to verify (Revolut card), I’m living in a supported country, Portugal.

I receive the following message in the app:

Sorry we can’t offer you Curve at the moment.
Please contact support to help you.

I already contact Curve Support, no response until now.

I can’t pass the message above in the Curve app. And don’t know where is the problem, no information.

Can anyone help me to pass this? It’s a bad start…


Hey @RLX

Sorry to hear about your issues getting in touch with support. Assuming you’ve already contacted them at, I’d recommend sending a DM to @AskCurve on Twitter. Make sure you quote your email address so they can look you up quickly.

Best of luck, let us know how that goes.


@jayeshr, thanks for your help, I will try that.

Still no solution or follow up from Curve Support on the last 3 business days (not including the weekend days, total days = 5)…

A bad start with Curve.

I could travel to UK and open a traditional bank account with all the bureaucracy and back to my country, several times.

Hey @RLX, our support team are getting a lot of messages right now so they’re taking longer than usual to reply. Have they sorted this for you yet?

@Hannah, It seems that was resolved last Friday.


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