Can't link card to Curve account

Hello. I have just got my card and I can’t link it to my account and it has funds on its FIAT wallet.

Can you help me?


  1. First check that your card itself has funds. It’s a separate thing from the fiat wallet.
  2. Have you enabled “International usage” in your Crypto card settings? You may need to do that if your country is not the UK.
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Have you used the card to pay with Chip+PIN at a store, or withdrawn money at an ATM?
I’m not sure if it’s required, but you will at least know that the card itself works fine, before setting it up in Curve.
There is thread about the card here that may be of interest to you:

Do you stuck at the verification step?
If yes
Do you have Euro as base currency? Curve detects the MCO Card as a British one and sets the currency to GBP. So Curve tries to access your MCO GBP wallet where you probably have no funds instead of the euro one.

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