Cant link my Curve card to crypto. com app to use for topping up their visa

Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some help. I am trying to link my Curve card to allow me to easily top up my prepaid visa card. When I put my Curve card details in, it comes back saying declined by issuer. Is there a reason for this? Or could someone point me to the relevant part of the Ts & Cs?

Thank you

This could be the culprit:

What can I not use my Curve account and Curve card for?

to pay for adult entertainment, gambling, cryptocurrencies, money orders (except wire transfers) and travellers’ cheques from non-financial institutions,

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Thanks for this, would you happen to know if Curve are planning to change this in the future at all?

No, I don’t know. I am not even 100% sure (though it looks likely to be the reason) if the part from the Terms of Service I copied is the reason that you are not able to top up using Curve.
Other reason might be that you are trying to top up with your Curve card while you have a underlying Creditcard selected and you do not have ‘Curve Fronted’ enabled.

Thank you, i think it may be due to the above terms as it doesn’t even let me add the curve card as a payment method for Crypto. Com regardless of which card I have selected in Curve (I have my natwest current account debit, Revolut debit and Lloyd’s credit card)

1 Like is now able to be topped up using faster payments from your bank to them. Set it up first in the app

Curve is blocking MCC code used by because it’s usually used for buying crypto :no_entry:, so @poeliev’s answer is (yet again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) correct and it’s due to T&C.

I’m using Revolut to top-up my Visa Card :credit_card: (because of their FX rates as my home currency is not EUR :euro:) and from time to time I have to confirm them with transactions history screenshots :camera: from app I do not use it for buying crypto… :roll_eyes:

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I cannot even add any of my Revolut card to top-up that balance, so at least it’s working for you somehow.

Well, in this case there’s always the possibility of using SEPA transfer - works fine and money gets topped up (in fiat wallet) within 15-30 minutes. :+1: I use it sometimes for higher amounts like my last Samsung Neo QLED TV purchase. :star_struck:

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