Can't Login after new app install

Hi Curve Team,

Im having a really big issue with the app and cant use the card or the app. I had the same issues as some people reported with not working passcode. Now i did a new install but after i confirmed the magic link the app wants a passcode, which i didnt set on this new install. Cache was cleared several times.
If i type in the old one I get the Issue: “Something’s Gone Wrong. There was an error. Please try again.”

Hi @gee68, welcome to the Community! Have you been in touch with our support team about this? If not, I’d recommend reaching out at They should be able to reset this for you which will allow you to create a new passcode and sign in.

I’m having the exact same problem, did they fix the issue for you yet?

Hey @G4B33 was this sorted for you? Our support team should be able to reset your passcode if you get in touch with them.

Hi Hannah, they wasn’t able to reset my password, but I was able to login with my new phone that I bought recently, so my problem is solved I guess. I still can’t login with my old phone though, but it doesn’t matter now.

Hey, sorry that our team weren’t able to reset that for you but I’m glad to hear you were able to log in on your new phone!

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Your team repair my account for 27 days. Are you sleeping there?

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