Can't login

** Problem **: (I can’t login the app crashes it worked before) ** How to play it **: ** OS **: ** Device **: one plus nord ** App version **: latest version Screenshot:

Android version?
Curve app version?

Versione aggiornata 7 luglio 2021
Last versione Android 11

Curve app version number, please (example 2.27.1).

Oxigen os

That’s not the Curve app version number. App version number looks like 2.27.1.

Curve è esatto 2.27.1
One plus Nord version oxigen os

Please fix this problem

I am a user just like you, so for me there is nothing to fix and for me (also on Android, same Curve app version) there is no issue. So big chance it’s not app or version related, but user/account related.
Please contact Curve support (…I suppose you already tried a reinstall.

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I have this issue too.
Curve version is 2.73.0.
Android 11.
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+