Can't make any payments

Hi there,

I upgraded to Curve Metal and after that I got the virtual card in the app ready to use.
The past month I’ve been using that card without problems, this week, the physical card arrived and I activated in the app. The thing is the physical card had the same information as the virtual card (don’t know if it is supposed to be like that or not).

Now, everytime I make a payment, I get payment declined and the message says “The expiry date entered does not match that of your active Curve card. You can view your card details on the account screen.”.
I go to the card details and they are the same as the physical card…

Can someone help me?

Are you sure they are really the same? The CVV and expiry date of the virtual card are temporary. Once you activate the physical, the CVV and expiry date of the physical overwrite those of the virtual (the PAN stays always the same though).
Have you tried checking if the details printed on the physical card match?

So, I talked with customer chat and there was a system error processing the card.
I tried the old card and it also didn’t work. Now they told me that they would reissue a new card.
I don’t know how exactly something like this happens but it is very unfortunate.