Can't pay at shops

I have tried to use my curve card at asda and it wouldn’t work. Is there a problem at the moment?

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There might be a connection problem at the moment. I am unable to see my card details (also reported here) and my pin in the Curve app. The app ‘asks’ me to check my Internet connection, but there is nothing wrong with that.


There is indeed a problem:

Investigating - We are currently experiencing intermittent issues with processing transactions, meaning some customers may experience a decline when attempting to make a payment. We understand that this is frustrating and we’re sorry about the inconvenience.
We will let you know as soon as the issue has been fixed. We recommend that you carry a backup card during this time.
Apr 23, 15:41 UTC

Just tried to paid at the shops and it’s been declined. Unfortunately I didn’t bring any other card! This is inconvenient.

Yes, there is issue currently. Check out -

Yeah i am having that problem aswell

had this problem few days back, and today at one shop it worked on other not.

There was a problem yesterday afternoon when Curve’s payment processor crashed.

Unfortunately, they handled it very poorly - I had a repeatedly declined transaction and contacted support and they told me about it, and said they’d updated their social media channels, but it wasn’t until over three hours in to the problem that Curve thought to actually bother to actively tell all of their customers by sending a Push Notification - which is the only method of communication apart from email that they can know customers will see.

It really angers me that some companies seem to think it’s okay to only communicate via social media - I one have a twitter account because some companies don’t care about customer service unless it’s on Twitter, literally couldn’t care less about Instagram, and I’m not interested in filling up my other accounts with marketing junk just so I know the occasional time you’re having a problem. Curve, PLEASE communicate using methods that EVERY one of your customers will see.


The one time you don’t want your Curve card to go down is shopping for food in a pandemic. Yet this happened yesterday in Sainsbury’s when I least wanted to after five weeks of isolation. I had forgotten the PIN on my new credit card too so ended up having to use my bank debit card on my £120 food shop after the very patient cashier collected three rejected card payment slips (two Curve and one IHG Creative). Meanwhile the queue of people at my checkout even at two metres distance, were slowly rolling their eyes.

It was only as I was walking to the car that I got a notification that the Curve systems were experiencing problems. Horse. Bolted. Thank goodness I had my other cards with me as I have pretty much linked every service I use to Curve now. As walking out of there without my food and hayfever pills would have been unthinkable.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

What time did you get a notification? I only got one after I’d contacted support, been told the problem and suggested that perhaps telling their customers might be a good idea. That was well over three hours into the problem according to the website the support guy linked to.

About 5PM