Can't pay in any shops with Curve Pay NFC

Issue: if trying pay still response decline. In any points and shops.

card issued by ING Bank, located in Romania Bucurest, im too.

phone is Huawei Mate X2.

Hello @doniskd,

how do you try to pay?
Google Pay, Apple Pay, Card, Huawei Pay, Samsung Pay?

What is the error message shown in the Curve app?
Did you enable online and foreign country (Lithuania, Vilnius) payments on your underlaying card?

im use Curve app for contactless pay
no errors on App, but terminal decline transaction.

What happens if you use your Curve card directly?

Check the topic below for others having issues while using Curve Pay NFC.


i dont have curve card physical.

What happens if you use your Curve card details directly to buy something online?

i try now (online payment) and its success. only contactless payment via Curve Pay on my phone not working

Hey @doniskd, have you received and activated your card since beginning this thread?

no, im not receiving physical card.