Can't see my spending limits

Hi all, I remember once before maybe iOS 13/14 that I was able to see my curve limits and how it there were going for the day/month, like ya would be able to see how your mobile minutes and data are going with your mobile provider. This would appear under account. But now today since the start of this year that is no longer there and all we get is a generic chart!! Am I the only one who has this problem?? Thanks everyone

Maybe it’s because they rolled out the feature to identify yourself in the app? Which maybe cause all accounts to be flagged as new to enforce the identification.

Going to a general limits page is something I also saw when recently opening my account. After I identified myself, I can now see my actual limits.

Maybe check out the identification feature in the app.

Yeah I’ve done the whole verification thing. But when I got check my limits still only get the page with the chart.
Thanks for your reply