Can't select Curve Cash

I can’t select Curve Cash in the app. I have selected the 3 retailers, but it says I don’t have enough funds (balance of the Cash card is 0). How do we use the Cash card to get the 1% cashback?


You have to use your curve physical card at the retailers you selected to earn the 1% cashback.
Every time you shop at one of those retailers, the cashbash will be automatically and immediately added to your curve cash balance.

I think the reason why you can’t select it is because your balance is at zero and if you were trying to pay with yiur curve physical card, the transaction would be refused as you don’t have the funds to cover it.

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With a different card, than the Curve Cash Card, selected as underlying card!

Ok thanks. Is the cashback credited immediately on the cash card? I paid at one the 3 retailers with the Curve MasterCard (having selected a different underlying card than the cash card) but I have not yet received the cashback.

It should be immediately, but does not always happen (e.g. when the merchant name is not clearly in the description). When it did not happen immediately for me, after contacting support (through the app or the cashback was added within a couple of minutes/hours.

Yes, I forgot to point that out.

Do you have to contact support everytime or do they whitelist/automate the process for other transactions at the same retailer.

Only speaking from own experience here, but when I first went to a certain McDonald’s location and paid with my Curve Card I did not get my Cashback, so contacted support and received the Cashback. The second time I went to the same McDonald’s location and paid with my Curve Card I received the Cashback immediately (so without intervention of support).
So it looks like Curve support has whitelisted/automated the process.

Our team actively updates our merchant lists as quickly as we can because each individual location has a different name! If you don’t see your points updated, please contact our support team with a shot of the receipt so we can confirm the name and add it to the list.

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