Can't stop the Curve App

Recent updates to the android app now make it always running, if you stop the app it just keeps restarting itself.
I think apps with this kind of behaviour should be band, or at least I should have the option to prevent this in the settings or permissions. It’s my phone and I should have control over it, not some third party app.
Many of you will be wondering why this bothers me. I’m often in parts of the world where data is very very expensive and you don’t know when you will next be able to charge your phone. I stop all unnecessary apps which vastly increase the battery life.
It seems there is no way to stop it other than uninstalling. I am aware that I can use a firewall to prevent data usage but that’s another program running. Apps like greenify don’t stop it as it just restarts.

This is the behaviour of a virus, any reputable app should not takeover your phone.

I dont have that problem on my Motorola

Have you tried limit background activity under the app?

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Settings vary depending on Android version. I have the restrict background data and battery optimisation set. I don’t have “limit background activity” option BUT that would only apply to a running app. If it has been stopped/hibernated there wouldn’t be any activity (background or otherwise). I can see that if this option was available it might help a bit but the app would still be running.