Can't update expired card

One of the cards in my wallet expired. I removed it and added the replacement card and went through the verification process only to find once active it still shows the expiry date from the old card and if selected all payments on Curve fail. I’ve tried de-installing the app, logging out etc. Does anyone have any ideas? Running latest release on iOS.

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I am pleased it’s not just me - I have exactly the same issue (with a FD Visa Credit). Also on latest iOS version.

I have thought in the past there should be a way to update the expiry / cvv on an existing card rather than delete the old / add the new so that all the history stays on the same card number. Regardless, I now have an expired card in my wallet that I can’t update / make charges against.

I also had to update a card that expired in 12/18. However, history for me stayed intact after deleting and adding it again, as the actual credit card number stays the same.

I could be mis-remembering and I was thinking about a replacement card with a different number, so that makes sense.
However at the moment the old expiry date / cvv stays the same as well, even after entering the new card details, rendering the card unusable :frowning:

Just to confirm that my card number has not changed, only the expiry date and CVV changed. This is basic stuff and should be something that can be managed in the app. Regardless, if a card is deleted from the wallet it should be deleted from Curve’s systems. This doesn’t seem to be the case. I contacted support, but am still waiting for a reply.

I have a ticket open too - let’s see who gets an answer first :grin:

Just got a response that they can see I have successfully added the card and closed the ticket. Doesn’t seem to matter it expired last year because I can’t change the date or delete old / add new card without the old details reappearing.

I have the same issue with my Creation, Marriott MasterCard. I have deleted and re-added about 20 times. Each time I try to verify, it sends me to the MasterCard site for my online password. The app then thinks I have verified (but it has not been done). Every time I talk to support, they say that the card is verified and should work. I then start the whole chain of hell over again …

Having with exact some problem with my Santander card. Any one else received any more updates?

No, nothing at all from support. So my Curve card is in a drawer and will likely remain there for the foreseeable as the whole point of carrying it has been removed.

So annoying!! Most of my cards expire this year as well. Ive raised a ticket and sent a tweet. See if I get anything back.

Any update on this matter?
One of my card will be expired at the end of this month…

Then it seems it’s not possible to update expiry date and CVV.

@Curve_Team: Pls handle this issue as high priority.

Checking up on this and will write an update as soon as I have one.

Update: Our engineering team has identified an issue which is affecting some of our customers when attempting to add a replacement card to their Curve app. They are looking into this as a matter of priority, however there isn’t a specific timeframe on when a fix will be deployed just yet. In the meantime, we recommend selecting a different funding card in your Curve app or using your funding card ending XXXX directly.


Bug seems to have been fixed.