Can't upgrade my free Curve

I want to upgrade my free Curve card and get the CurveX card for €1.99/month. But everytime I try to upgrade my card, I get a “Your Payment failed. We couldn’t charge your selected card bla bla bla” and it happens with all my cards.
I’m trying to reach the support but no response and it’s been two days already…
If anyone has an idea, it will be greatly apreciated :slight_smile:

Try to reach them by other channels (e.g. their twitter handle @AskCurve), but word of warning: There is no automatic downgrade process. Downgrade button will open in-app chat and bring you to the same support - see also this thread: Downgrade through the app

Hello Marian :slight_smile:
Thanx a lot for your reply.
I’ll try to reach them by using Twitter, eventhough I’m not a big fan of Twitter…
I’m not planning to downgrade the card, at least not till the end of the one year offer. But who knows?
I’m reading so many negative comments about Curve and its support now, I’m beginning to wonder if I should really upgrade my card

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Hello Marian, seems @AskCurve is for the US subscribers, right? I live in France, and…
The support team still hasn’t replied to my questions :frowning:

@AskCurve is for UK and European customers.
@AskCurveUSA is for US customers.

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Well I have tried three different cards I had registered with Curve and I always had the error message “Failed to upgrade your card bla bla…”
I tried with my N26 account and it worked the first time. I really don’t know why the three other cards wouldn’t work.
So I’m trying CurveX for a year and I’ll see if I keep it or switch back to the free card.

I don’t see Promo offer anymore for Curve X in the app despite of getting emails reminding 3 days are left. Anybody has the same issue ?

@kkris87 I still see Curve X for 1.99. Go to Account → Upgrade your plan (it shows Black as default upgrade option). Swipe left on black card and there should be X.

Mine says 4,99 € already

Hi again,
Any idea ? I still cannot see Promo offer to upgrade to curve x

Weird. For me app still shows 1.99eur price.

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