Can't use Curve with Mi Band/Xiaomi Pay - Couldn’t activate the card (2002)

Hey all , I’m trying to link my Curve Card to a Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC, but I’m getting this error “Couldn’t activate the card (2002)”

Operation rejected. Please contact the customer service of the issuing bank or try again later"

I’ve tried many times but never got through…

I’ve tried to reach out to customer support but no one’s answering my questions (I guess that’s what happens when you mass layoff support people)…
Did anyone manage to fix this issue on their own?

Thank you, so it sounds like all I need to do is wait and hope someone will pick up my ticket… Fingers crossed

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@Curve_Joel could you help me out? It’s been a week now, it’s getting ridiculous… So much for the Metal priority support