Can't verify my credit card

Hello everyone,

I have used my curve card or over a year now, and I had no problem verifying my credit card (mastercard) in the app before. However, it says that I need to verify my credit card again (even though it has been verified before) and when I try to do it, it says they are unable to verify my card. Can someone help me with this problem? Because I am waiting for a refund that can’t be processed to my credit card at this moment.

I think that this problem is very known but developers of Curve don’t do with this problem. Only contact with support because alone nothing to do.

I have been able to finally verify my credit card. Will my refund be automatically processed toward my credit card now?

Did you contact with support or they repaired app? I think that they refund into Curve Cash. :wink:

I deleted the card and then added it again, which seemed to have worked. The refund is stored under my credit card it seems (it is 1032.47 EUR). The amount of money stored in curve cash is only 882.88 EUR, so I still have no clue what will happen or what to do. I’ve sent two emails today but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

British company stole the money? I think that it is Polish specification. :wink:

I have the same problem, it states that it can’t verify my credit card and I am waiting for two big refunds. What can I do?