Can't view Curve Card limits

Hi, every time I try to access the Card Limits page in the app I get a message saying “The callable returned a null value” and I see an empty screen with the title “Curve Card Limits”.
What could be the problem?

I use Android 10 (EMUI10), the Curve app is updated to the latest version, my Curve card has been activated and is currently unlocked.
I have already paid with the app multiple times.

Are you a (relatively) new customer? If so check the topic below.

From Curve side, the best would be to communicate this as a feature called ‘Mystery Limits’ alongside the feature called ‘We know that in the future 1 HUF will be equal to 1 GBP so we have applied this already’. These are existing bugs for a long time and apparently, Curve does not care. At least you can use the card most of the time now.