Can't we avoid Curve currency conversion?

Since curve supports Revolut and Monese, is it possible to turn off Curve’s currency conversion?
It’s pointless to be limited by the 500GBP monthly limit in Curve and Curve doesn’t support all currencies as for example PHP in Philippines.


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Hey @bruno_leal

Is this regarding Dynamic Currency Conversion? You can always set what currency your card is charged in the Curve app!

I understand. But if I’m in Philippines I have no way to set curve to PHP currency, which means that any payment will be converted to the selected currency in Curve (let’s assume EUR or GBP) which will then be charged to my Monese card in that currency (EUR/GBP) and with a limit of 500GBP per month. Which means that if I’m in Philippines and I spend more than 500GBP in any given month I’m obliged to pay the 2% exchange fee from Curve as I can’t select PHP as my currency…
What I was searching for was to curve to charge my card in the exact currency as the payment was made.


This seems similar to the idea here: Support for Multi-Currency Cards

You can vote for it to show curve that it’s in demand :slight_smile:

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