Can't withdraw with Curve from Monese

Everytime I’m going to do something for the first time with Curve it always fails, quite disappointing.

Now I couldn’t withdraw money from my MONESE card using Curve. After the issue I used Monese card directly and was able to withdraw.

I’m starting to wonder what’s the point of using Curve as I have no confidence on leaving home without my other cards…

Monese blocks that type of transaction, this is outside Curve’s control.


Monese blocks ATM withdrawals or any transaction with Curve?

Curve codes ATM withdrawals as “POI Funding Transaction”. As you can read on the page I linked to above, this type of transaction is blocked by Monese.

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Ok. Thanks for the reply.

@nvk so this means that I can withdraw money from credit card and it’s not considered cash advance, do you know?

This all depends on your Credit card (provider). Mine doesn’t consider it to be a cash advance, but I know others that do. The same can be said for Curve Send.

Yes, you can withdraw from a credit card but whether it is treated as a cash advance or not depends on the card issuer. Also, make sure to read Curve’s fair use policy: