Capital One

Does anyone know if capital one will count any curve transactions as cash- advances?


As far as im aware, the only company that does so is Tesco, but you’d need to check the card issuer. Curve does pass the MCC code over, so they CAN if they want to.

I heard that some CC companies charge ALL transactions from curve as cash transactions- that’s what I was meaning sorry. Is capital one one of these?

No Capital One don’t do this, I have a card with them and never had a charge :slight_smile:

Tesco also reversed this so that only cash withdrawals through Curve are counted as cash advances (so as you’d expect), normal purchases are not counted as cash advances.

Sorry- follow up question for you.

If I was to withdraw cash on curve (but it was set to my capital one card by accident) then switch it to my debit card. Will that invoke a fee?

Yes, if at the time you withdraw the cash you have the Capital One card selected it will go to Capital One as a cash transaction.

You could go back in time, but I don’t know if this fee would then be refunded by them. I know for Tesco when I accidentally did the same they charged the fee, and did not refund it (I never asked them to either as it was only a few p).

However I believe that some credit card providers ignore the message that its a cash withdrawal (I don’t know for Capital One though, as I haven’t tried this).

I really hope the next thing Curve are working on is smart rules, so you could say something like no cash withdrawls on credit cards.

Guess I’ll just pray it doesnt happen!

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