Caption Competition 💬

Caption Competition :speech_balloon:

Hi Community, :wave:

Let’s have some extra fun in our off-topic category with a caption competition!

The rules on this are simple. I’ll post a meme template and you’ll add your own caption to it. Bonus points for if it’s relevant to Curve. :trophy:

Your first template is below:

If you want to check out an example of how the template works then here’s one as a tribute to Shrek (the king himself). :green_circle: :onion:

Not sold on taking part yet? What if I said that the best caption will be receiving a Tumi Curve wallet?.. :gift: :eyes:

(Deadline for captions on this meme is next Wednesday)


Bonus Points :smiley:

No tribute to Shrek here, just my favorite Curve feature instead :upside_down_face: