Caption Competition 💬

Caption Competition :speech_balloon:

Hi Community, :wave:

Let’s have some extra fun in our off-topic category with a caption competition!

The rules on this are simple. I’ll post a meme template and you’ll add your own caption to it. Bonus points for if it’s relevant to Curve. :trophy:

Your first template is below:

If you want to check out an example of how the template works then here’s one as a tribute to Shrek (the king himself). :green_circle: :onion:

Not sold on taking part yet? What if I said that the best caption will be receiving a Tumi Curve wallet?.. :gift: :eyes:

(Deadline for captions on this meme is next Wednesday)


Bonus Points :smiley:

No tribute to Shrek here, just my favorite Curve feature instead :upside_down_face:

Hey everyone, today’s the last chance to get your caption suggestions in for this meme! A winner will be picked tomorrow and they’ll be receiving a brand new and shiny Tumi Wallet. :drum::drum::drum:


Never take the blue pill


About my experience with Curve :grinning:

using 1 cashback credit card to pay another cashback credit card via curve fronted

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Hi everyone, today’s the day to announce our first caption competition winner! :tada:

It was a tough call since everyone’s submissions were so good and included Curve. I even had to take it to our Social Media Exec and Manager to decide since they’re the in-house experts.
They’ve had a look through and have selected @FlareCO’s caption as the winner! Congrats, Dustin!

Thanks to everyone else for getting involved and there’ll be plenty more chances to win one of our Tumi wallets in the future.

I’ll send you a PM shortly so that we can arrange your prize for you, @FlareCO. :grin:

Next Image :eyes:

It was great to see people getting involved with this competition and we’ll keep the game going- The same rules apply and the same prize of a Tumi wallet is up for grabs again!

We’re also going with an image that I think will be a little harder to caption to keep things interesting…

And here’s a potential example of how you might use it. :point_down:

The template for this one is much looser so have fun and get creative with it!

The deadline for captioning this image will be the end of the day, next Wednesday. The winner will be announced on Thursday again. :star_struck:

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^^ give me all the TUMI wallets :grin:
Edit: Bonus Points :smiley:

@FlareCO C’mon dude, my card needs a nice resting place too. Leave some wallets for the rest of us :rofl:

hmhmhmm, nah. I want them all. :rofl:

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As someone who works in fintech there’ve been times that I can deeply relate to this meme.

The win goes to @frx this time! :raised_hands:

I’ll drop you a PM so that we can arrange your reward now. :grin:

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I suspect fraud :joy: