Car Rental Insurance

With the car rental insurance included with the Curve metal card do you have to pay for the car rental with the curve card, or can I continue to pay directly with my credit card.

Also, assuming the car already comes with cdw but has a hefty £ 1000 excess, would the policy cover the excess (or all the damage) should it be needed.

I have just a one-night rental at the weekend and balk at having to pay Hertz £ 26 a day to have their “super-cover” to remove that excess when renting a Vauxhall Astra!

It would be great if the Curve policy covered the excess (or the whole rental), and I could still use my credit card to avoid the pre-auths they put on debit cards.


Hey @ukwizard :wave: My apologies for the delay in replying to you. I can confirm that you do not have to pay for your rental insurance with your Curve card to benefit from it. The insurance covers the person, not the card.
However, for any questions regarding the excess, we do recommend getting in contact directly with AXA as they will be able to provide more information on this subject :slight_smile: You can give them a quick call at the following numbers: UK (Black): +44 (0) 203 887 29 48’ UK (Metal): +44 (0) 203 887 29 49

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It’d be great if this insurance could be extended to not just cover the CDW excess, but also any recovery charges the rental company might make for a breakdown.

It’s often included in the rental cars own insurance, so I always decline it because Curve cover me for the CDW, but it exposes me to a risk of a breakdown and needing a tow car. If you take out AXA’s car excess cover directly it’s included.

@Curve_Aleca are you sure on that, the policy wording I have says
“Rental vehicles hired on a daily or weekly basis from an authorised rental agency or hire car firm, must be paid for in full with your covered card. This cover is limited to no more than 31 days. Collision Damage Waiver is only valid for rental vehicles rented and
driven whilst on a valid trip.”


Same for me. And because Curve isn’t a credit card — in some cases it’s basically impossible to pay for the rent using Curve.

Hey @Curve_Aleca, can you please re-check it due to the comments above?


And does the insurance also covers the carsharing excess as well?

Be very carefull here I have just double checked. You are not covered for CDW in the UK unless you have at least 2 days of pre-booked accommodation. Again I think CURVE has not been clear in terms of the benefits they are offering.

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@Curve_Aleca any clarification on this?

Also be very careful with this insurance since it does not cover services like Drive Now/Share Now or Car2Go and similar ”rent by the hour” services. Those are all excluded simply because you do not have one or two nights of pre booked accomodation, thus those rentals are excluded. If rental car insurance is important to you, then make sure to get a real rental car insurance elsewhere.



This is why you must always read insurance policies carefully and ensure you have the cover you need. If you can’t be bothered with that, look to pay more not less.

The odds of a bundled product being the right policy for you is pretty low - the people bundling the insurance will of course have opted for a cheaper option - which means odd exclusions like needing to be X km from home and away for more than Y nights.

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After a month, I received an answer that the deposit does not need to be made from your Curve card.

Thanks for your patience whilst we looked into this. The reply we got from AXA:

"I hope you are well. It is fine for the deposit to be on a separate card " .

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I got charged €200 in Spain today for damage on rental car that did not happen and another 40€ for extra kms that should have been included according to the rental agreement.
Will AXA resolve this with the rental company or will they just care to pay the damage minus the excess?
Any experience? Thx.

Update: Spoke to AXA, they gave me a case# and asked me to open a dispute with the rental company and depending on the outcome they can involve their Legal.

I have just spoken to AXA and they have confirmed that you do not have to use your card to be covered.
The call was recorded by them and myself and it was verbally said that this is proff enough to enjoy the coverage.
T&Cs are being reworked to show this change.


Similar to this question I wondered if anyone knows:

I have curve metal but do not drive. Does the insurance apply when my partner drives us when travelling?


In July 2019 @Curve_Aleca said that the Rental Car cover is for the person and there is no requirement to pay for the rental using your curve card. This is obviously much better as paying by debit card is impossible with some companies so having the flexibility to pay with a different credit card is great. This information is definitely correct and I re-confirmed with AxA again today via telephone. We are well over a year on and the policy documents have not been fixed. This isn’t my first experience with curve having incorrect policy documents issued for the insurance. It would be really helpful if curve could update the policy with the correct wording, is there any plan to actually do this? @Curve_Marie

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So to update on this, the rental company accepted my dispute about the extra kms but rejected my dispute about the damage. Brought that back to AXA and they covered the damage less the 50EUR excess. I am OK with this solution so I decided to leave it like that.
I have to say that I made a positive experience with the claim process at AXA and got my money in a week since the claim was approved.


Hey, I’ve checked this and can confirm that our team are still working with AXA on updating all documents. Unfortunately it’s not something that Curve can make changes to on it’s own and, as you can see, it’s taking a bit of time to sort out. I’ve highlighted this specific section to our team again!

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