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Hello guys, do you have experience with renting a car in the Thrifty company in the USA using Curve card to pay a deposit? Does everything work properly with no problems or declination of the card? Any experiences? I want to avoid possible complications.

I do not advise anyone to to use Curve for car rental deposits, or deposits in general. Use an actual credit card for deposit, you may still be able to pay the actual rental with Curve card at the end of your rental period.

I agree - use a credit card for deposits, not a debit card - that avoids any issue with funds being debited.

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No reason to use credit card (which btw. I do not own). By terms of Thrifty, they accept debit card for deposit purposes too. My question was specific about usage Curve for deposit. No if should I use CC or DC during car rental and deposit pay.

Sorry I’ve never used a debit card for car hire so can’t comment - good to hear of Thrifty’s policies but many other car hire firms have major issues with debit cards, just last year I saw someone at Avis in New Orleans having a 30+ min fight with the staff over this!

In general with large deposits Curve should recognise it has a hold on funds and not charge the underlying card, but as I say I don’t have personal experience.

Other recent car hire experiences below:

I do that all time. its from far the best way. Pat

My understanding is that if you dont use the Curve card the Excess insurance offered isn’t valid?