Card activated accidentally

Hi, I activated my card before receiving it. What happens if it get lost in the post ?

I would advise you to lock your card in the app (so it can not be used) and unlock it when it has arrived at your home and is in your possession.

And apparently Curve advises the same… :slightly_smiling_face:

don’t activate your Curve Card before you receive it

If you do this by mistake, please lock your card in-app by selecting the “Card” tab, then the “Lock Card” button.

Hi, thanks. Will the physical card have the same cvv and expiry date as the virtual card?

They will be different :+1:

Edit by @poeliev. Before activating your (physical) card they will be different. After activating your (physical) card they will be the same.

They were different, but since you activated your physical Curve card already, I guess for you they are already the same.

The digital card details will be updated once you receive and activate your physical card within the Curve app.

After activating your physical card, the card details for your virtual/digital card and your physical card will be the same. (cc @Andysplash)

It wasn’t in my case matey. The details were different (Expiry, CVV)

What I am saying is that after activating your physical card the details of the virtual/digital card become the same as the details on/of the physical card.

So are you saying that for you the details of the virtual/digital card are still different from the ones on/of your physical card even after you have activated your physical Curve card?

Now my question is, if the virtual card is different from the physical, how do I activate the physical? I don’t have the activation option anymore on the app.


In your opening post you said you already activated your card. It’s not possible to activate it twice.
As I said: after activating your physical card the card details of the virtual/digital card become the same as the details on/of your physical card.

I activated the card in the app by providing the last 4 digits of the virtual/digital card. So will I get the physical card with the same details as the virtual/digital? Because some say they received a physical card different to the virtual/digital, and this is causing a bit of a confusion.

The (last four) digits of your virtual/digital card were and always will be the same as those on/of your physical card. Before activating the card only CVV and exp date were different between digital/virtual and physical card, card digits/numbers were always the same.

So by providing the last four digits you activated your physical card and at the same time the CVV and exp date of your virtual/digital card became the same as those of/on your physical card

Yes (both will be the same after you have activated your card)

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Noooo I’m saying the details changed once I activated the physical card.


Then we are both saying exactly the same, pal :wink:.