Card being rejected every time - Halifax

Hello, every time I use my Halifax card with Curve it’s declined now. It has worked in the past.

Any idea what to do to solve this?

Did you already try removing it from Curve and then re-add it?

I remember people reporting the same issue (though not sure if it was Halifax) and this solved it (I am trying to find the topic, but no success). Had to do with spending to ‘often’ for the initial verification, adding it again, so verificate again, put the transaction counter of the underlying card back to zero.

Hey there!

Could you double check the underlying card hasn’t expired? If not, please pop our support team a message at

Would be nice/useful if we could get notifications in curve about underlaying cards near expiry date !!! Do it, Curve team. I know, you can.

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You can vote for that here:


That’s it! I feel stupid now. I forgot that it doesn’t update the card on the app!

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