Card being suspended and no support is getting help

My card got suspended as they notify me leakage of card information. But when I get back to them, they accused me for the residency issue and not sending me a replacement card.

Indeed, I’ve sent them all information required and given them proper explanation for all their enquires. But they are simply ignore my responses and never get back to me. Not mentioning the tone of your customer service is terrible, feels like I’m committing to a crime. Please just reply to your customer when you expect your card is the only card in the user’s wallet and you suspended it. I already tried my best to provide all the information needed and now feels like I’m bagging them to send me a replacement card to continue to use their service.

Curve, it’s been two weeks since I replied all required information, please treat your customer as customer. This experience challenged my basic knowledge of customer service.


Hey! Sorry to hear you haven’t heard back yet. The team is snowed under with messages at the moment, which means they’re not able to get back to you as quickly as they’d usually like to. Our social team can help chase this up with support if you DM them your email address on Twitter (@AskCurve) or Facebook! Hope this helps!

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Hey, Might be better if the social team started looking at customer messages as well? Instead of requesting customers to try to contact via 2 channels for the same issue.

Can’t see how that can be good utilisation of curve and its customer’s time.

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Not surprising to me. My Card is locked for over a month now - even though im having a paid membership. it feels like there is no support or they ignore me. they even ignored my request to put me into a free membership again… :smiley: crazy

Unfortunately, the Social team isn’t able to answer account-spescific customer queries via those channels due to security and GDPR. They can chase support tickets though!

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Social Media and the in-app-chat can’t help. They can only poke their colleagues to do the ticket. But that leads to nothing. I was in the chat 20 times and the guys from social media also already told me 5 times that their colleagues will look at it shortly. LoL