Card cancelled due to fraud seems to be still active?

In the previous threads I noted below how I had unrecognized transactions on my Curve card on 2 occasions since the end of September:

As a result, I am now on my third metal card in just over a month.

Further to this, there has been a transaction overnight which has severely weakened my confidence in Curve’s systems and support.

Overnight, a recurring subscription I had forgotten about tried to debit from my original card (which is supposed to have been dead and buried since late September / early October). The transaction was apparently successful in Curve’s side as an attempt was made on the underlying card (a Revolut virtual card) but failed due to the Revolut card being frozen by me.

I will be reaching out to support for answers as to why a transaction attempt on a card that was supposed to be cancelled was successful. On each occasion Curve support has been at pains to point out that I have not been at any financial loss but on each occasion this has been due to luck or to intervention on my point (either by the underlying cards having insufficient funds or being frozen by me).

The service on all occasions has been good in terms of organizing replacements but this development overnight has caused me concern and dented my confidence in Curve.

I attach three screenshots as follows:

  1. Screenshot in question showing card held by merchant in question is the Curve card ending in -8412 which was the card I originally had issues with in late September/early October. This is supposed to have been cancelled and be dead and buried. You will note from the bottom that the merchant only allows one card to be held on file at a time so there is no chance of me having the old and new card on file together concurrently.
  2. Screen shot from Curve showing a transaction attempt was made but which was declined on the underlying card.
  3. Screenshot from Revolut showing a transaction attempt from Curve on the underlying card which was declined due to its being frozen (by me).

As noted above I’ll be referring this to support but would be interested in feedback from the forum also.

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

Unfortunately canceling a a card does not stop a transaction from “jumping” between cards as it’s automatically routed to your newest card.


Indeed - for preauthorised recurring transactions, known as Continuous Payment Authority, the card issuer can forward the transaction to the new card. This is intended behaviour because if a card is renewed due to expiring, it’s often the case that people forget to update subscriptions. It is only the case if there is a Continunous Payment Authority (i.e. you’ve given a company permission to charge the card repeatedly) though.

It might be worth trying a one off transaction to test the old card - this should be declined, as the issuer should not automatically charge to the new card details if the card has been replaced due to a report of fraudulent activity.