Card cannot be verified


I’m a new user of the Curve card. I installed the IOS system application and followed all the steps. Everything went well to the point of adding the first card.
I could add in two ways:

  • enter card data by hand
  • let the app take a photo of the card

As it is simpler I used the option to take the photo, but the application does not register the card. Nothing happens.
I tried to add the card data by hand and it is added, and the next step is asked to verify the card.

This step always gives the error where the application cannot verify the card.

Can anyone help me? Has anyone had this difficulty? How did you solve it?

Hi and welcome to the community :wave:t2:

Which type of card are you trying to add? What is the BIN of the card? Are there indeed some funds on the account of the card you are trying to add? (What did Curve customer support tell you?)

I am trying to add a normal debit card. I already checked the card BIN and it is totally correct. The bank account associated with this debit card has sufficient funds.
Customer support hasn’t answered me yet.

Already added the card, already removed, uninstalled the app, reinstalled … nothing worked.

(Which type of card is a ‘normal debit card’/‘bank card’? Maestro/VISA/MasterCard? Which bank?)
(What is the BIN of the card?)
Send these facts to support (they will ask the same questions as me!) and sit back and relax.

A bank card (VISA). Not a virtual card like Revolut or N26

Unfortunately we cannot access to personal datas as you curve account via the community.
Please contact the support at they will be able to help you.