Card can't be set up to use in shops

Just got my physical curve card but, on setting it up it keeps telling me this card can’t be set up to use in shops. What am I doing wrong?

Did you used first transaction as PIN&CHIP?

Haven’t done any transactions yet, just trying to set it up. Do I need to do a chip n pin first?

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I think you are writing about adding Curve card to Google/Apple Pay (you are not mentioning it). Did you activate your new Curve card in Curve app? :thinking:

Not Google or Apple Pay. I was just activating the card in Curve App. Previous reply was correct, I needed to use the card chip n pin first.
The message was very confusing saying the card couldn’t be used in a shop, it should have said “card can’t be used contact less until used with PIN first” so I believe it is resolved now

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