Card can't be verified

When trying to verify a MasterCard debit, issued by “Sparkasse” (Erste Bank), after like 2 seconds i get a screen saying that the card can’t be verified.
I already contacted my bank but they just told me that Curve is not supported, which confused me.

What should I do/try/tell my bank?

Hey @denmeer, welcome to the community!

Would you be able to contact us at so we can look into it for you? If you could include the first 6 digits of the card you’re trying to add, plus the message your bank gave you they’ll be able to help much quicker :grin:

Ok i sent a mail

@CurveJake still havent heard back?

Im having the same issue. Erste Bank Debit card cant be verified. Did you get a response?


Nope I sent a mail but still no response

This card is sold as a one card for all, but I’m interested to know if anyone actually has the confidence to carry just their Curve card? I certainly do not any more sadly.

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Makes sense to always carry a back-up card anyway, whether using Curve or not.

I never carried 1 card
I have alle my card in my slim wallet anyway

Just wondering how this is going, any word from Support?

I just checked, still no response

That’s really odd. Have you tried sending another email through to I know some users are having trouble with using the in-app support feature, not sure if that’s situation here but it couldn’t hurt to send a follow up.

**sorry, email was incorrect

Does the team have any latitude around flagging posts such as @denmeer‘s to the support team?

Be nice if you could…:slightly_smiling_face:

I sent it to the provided email addess on 7. Oct and then sent a followup un the 8.
The subject is “Cant verify card”

I had the same issue and a lot of back and forth with curve support and erste support. Today i removed the debit card from curve and added it again. After the mastercard ID check the card was verified and i already used it for a payment.

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Hi. I was in the same situation. I just can recommend cheefhane’s process to everyone who will try to open curve account. I tried to open curve account with one of my debit card, but I wasn’t successful. After that i used my other card which one had been accepted by curve for the first occasion, after when the account has been set up I removed that card which one couldn’t work for the first time and after I added again. It works:)