Card changed before arrival (App, GPay, ...)

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
I got an email today saying my new card was shipped.
The card has already been replaced automatically “digitally” in the Curve app and in Google Pay - and now it doesn’t work… all payments with the digital card are rejected.

(According to the e-mail I recived, I have to replace the old card manually with the new card.)

How to reproduce it:
order a new card

Android 13

Galaxy S22 Ultra

App version:


I’ve literally just worked out this is why I’m getting declined today. I’m due a new card due to the imminent expiry of my current card and received a notification today it is on its way.

The app even says it still needs activating when it arrives but shows the new details and Google Pay is being declined

Similar situation for me in App and Apple Pay Wallet. I noticed the change first in the Apple Wallet. I didn’t try to pay with the new card as I assume it won’t work before I activate it. That’s a very sloppy transition. Good thing that I don’t use Curve as my main card anymore.