Card compromised again.... Second time in 3 weeks

A couple of weeks ago in the attached I mentioned how my card had been compromised with an unrecognized transaction.

Curve did a very good job in cancelling and reissuing my card; however I have just had a further attempt to withdraw £199 at another high end fashion retailer, on my new card.

I am confused and concerned as to why this has happened again. I have not changed my spending habits or way in which I use my card. I have gone for many years without issues on any of my cards and am now worried about having 2 issues in the same month on my Curve cards.

My physical card remains in my possession. I have locked again in app.

Am I just unlucky?!!!

I would say that if indeed, the details of your new physical Curve card have been stolen, shortly after the details of your previous physical card have been stolen, you are very unlucky.

You might check with Curve if, after they reissued you a new card, (the details of) your previous card did stay ‘linked’ with your account? If this is the case that would mean that what looked like a first attempt to buy something with your new card, was actually a second attempt to buy something with your old card.
Deducting how the Curve system/database works from other posts in this community, I would not be surprised if this is the case.

I remember reading on a forum, I think it was Revolut’s, someone’s card details were compromised two years ago, he locked the card and removed it from his profile, but as of today he still gets notifications from the app because someone keeps trying (unsuccessfully) to buy stuff with those card details.

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I guess the old card is still linked
In case a refund appears on the card

How should curve know where to send the money if the card is unlinked?

Interesting, thanks… I will see what support say on Monday.

I pride myself (perhaps too much…) on keeping my card details safe physically and online, so am somewhat perturbed by this… The previous experience left me nervous so since then I have had my card linked to an underlying card with a low balance, circa sub £50. If I’ve needed to make a larger purchase I have changed in app before and back immediately after. For that reason fortunately I am not at a financial loss…


I had a similar issue some years ago with a CC from my bank that was compromised, after I got the replacement I still got charges because the cards were linked, however if the cards are not linked the breach must be somewhere on your end as getting compromised twice in a short time while other customers are not seems to suggest the problem is on your end.