Card cut off without notice

I was very disappointed to have my Curve card cut off without notice which left me high and dry on a trip to Northern Ireland.

After everyone of my underlying cards being declined when trying to use my Curve card I contacted Curve the next day to be told I had hit my £50k annual limit.

Appreciate the limit may have been in the small print, but a warning I was approaching this limit would have been helpful.

Having hit this limit my Curve card and expenses process I had build around this are now useless and the card may as well go in the bin!

You can clearly see your limit in the app under Curve Card Limit :wink:

Agreed. While a notification when getting close to the limit is nice (Revolut does it), I find it difficult to blame Curve for not paying attention to the limits which are clearly visible.

I believe it’s 50k for 1 year rolling so you may be able to use it again as time goes but you may still flirt with the limits.

Thanks for the reference for Revolut, I’d not heard of these before.

I’d hit a transaction limit before with Curve, but although the annual limit was pointed out to me after the event of my declines it was news to me.

I am sure this is a restriction put in Curve rather than Curve’s restriction on me but either way is a blocker to their success.

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Sadly Revolut seem to have gone in the opposite direction a few months ago and removed any visibility of the limit at all. First thing I heard was when my card was suspended until further documentation provided, took them about two weeks to process with days going by where support staff ignored messages. I wish their app still had an easily viewable limit like Curve. However the Curve one needs further work - addition of an Amex limit, a clear way to see when more limit will become available (through transactions dropping off after 365 days, etc.)

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From previous discussions my understanding was that the annual £50k at least was a Mastercard-imposed limit - would definitely be good for it to be raised though!