Card declined but wasn't declined. :(


Hopefully someone can help me. I’ve just been to Aldi and when I got to the till, I used my curve card but it was declined. Assumed it was some sort of glitch and maybe because I’d not ever used it in an Aldi store. I used my bank card that was linked and it obviously went through. When I got to car I looked on my phone and I had the notification telling me the cashback from my Aldi transaction was being processed. Went on to my banking app and there it was, both transactions had indeed come out.

My question is will Aldi realise the mistake and process the payment or as it was from two different cards will I need to go through my bank to get this sorted?

Normally declined transaction should revert back after some time (days). If you have decline receipt (I always ask for one), then you can send it to Curve support and they can manually speed up refund process. I did that some time ago in past.

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Hi Moon and thanks for fast reply.

I’ve kept declined receipt so will keep an eye out if it’s refunded.

@Carra_Rud : What error code (decline reason) is on receipt ?

No error code at all. Just says Source - Chip Read then declined below

It has been resolved since then.

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Ok, did not think to check status page :slight_smile:

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@Oliverda @moon so it’s a known issue that will be resolved? As in Curve will process refund?

Would be cool to have a popup displayed in app when there is an issue or directly a section that allow to check system status

Where ? I just see app notfication but I guess it’s something else (did not receive anything regarding the issues)

As an aside, this is the third incident of this nature in 6 weeks.

I was circa £300 down on the first incident on 12 August for circa 1 week.

This really is starting to happen too often now.

Circa ? What does it mean ?

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So during the incident when payments are declined money is still taken (up to 7
days) ?

if it’s the same as the one in August then yes, the money is deducted from the available balance of the underlying card - and in some cases clears - but is normally reversed back about a week later.

This was my experience in August, I cannot say what will happen after today’s incident. But based on what the Original Poster has said it seems to be similar here.

If you want any more guidance I would propose contacting Curve Support, this is just my experience.

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Hello there,

Your money will be refunded within 5-7 days.

This incident has been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this will have caused.


Thanks, I was not affected, just asking. Is there a way to settle an alert when issue ? (to avoid checking @curveask or here)

You can set your alert here:

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So both payments have now cleared from my bank account so I’ve messaged Curve support with photo of receipt. Should I expect a reply from them or will they work in the background and I’ll just get a refund in a few days?