Card Declined

I’ve tried to use my curve blue a couple of times over the phone to pay for things but for whatever reason it gets declined.
I would really love to know why as its an inconvenience and a little embarrassing.

Heya, your best bet would be emailing and seeing what they say to you :slight_smile:

maybe after they reply you could post your findings here so we can benefit from any acquired knowledge?!

I’ll do that for sure and post the reply here just thought someone might have had the issue and the answer already.
I’d upgrade to the metal in a heart beat but I just don’t have 100% confidence in the product yet.

My card was also declined at 3 separate atm’s a while back when I was trying to lift money out. Curve couldn’t offer an explanation for this, although it did start working the following day. It still worked fine for card payments over the counter.

Did you try switching the underlying card? Some of them are quite picky and have their own internal limits so even if your Curve limits are OK the charge may still be declined by the underlying card.

The atm issue I had I tried that but didn’t make any difference. Ended up having to withdraw using my credit card as it was the only spare card I carry. The phone transactions I didn’t. Both those transactions were for about 150 each. One was to a builders and the other was JET2 for a holiday deposit. I love the idea of curve just wish it was 100% as I’d love to upgrade to the metal card.

Can now relate to this - card just declined 5x and I’ve had to message Uber to ask why.

First time I know that my underlying card had internet payments off, but afterwards I switched them back on and Uber was telling me about ‘insufficient funds’ within the app.

My underlying card however could purchase what I was trying to buy 100x over if needed. Actually baffled.