Card Declining


Anybody else have there card decline today?
I’ve tried online with 2 different cards, also tried instore with contact less & Chip and pin with all of them declining?
Is there a system wide issue atm? With no live chat it’s hard to get in contact with the help team.

Cheers to anyone who responds!

I had same problem today with 3 different cards …

Doesn’t look like it.

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Nope working perfectly

The same problem yesterday and today, not working

I confirme for yesterday and today too

Edit : i had sent an email to the support yesterday and today, but no news

I had 3 transactions declined today with 3 differents cards on curve. I try one card directly with success.
I have Curve blue since 2 weeks. I spent 488 €.
what could be the cause of the problem?

The support tells me that I exceeded my daily spending limit but as all my transactions were refused so I spent 0 €

Start working today :slight_smile:

I mean 10 a.m declined, but 5 p.m. succeed

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hi good news… I will try today

it’s ok too for me

Make sure you have the correct card activated for curve.

All payment declined since 2 weeks now. Contacted curve support team but no response so far. Very frustrating. Does anyone know their telephone number?