Card Designs

I am totally disappointed with the attitude of Curve customer services. I know most likely is a small thing but it is going on for months if not years.

The card designs in the app are not updated and even if you send them to the proper email address and chase them on twitter they tell you basically that they don’t care and do not update them.

There were many proposal about how to solve this years ago on this same forum but Curve has not picked up on it. Very disappointed


I’ve also taken the time to send in a missing card design quite some time ago and it has still not appeared in the app. As you say it’s not a big issue but annoying anyway.
The overall support function is badly broken at the moment and I expect they have bigger issues to fix first!!

You know is not the problem per se that bothers me , but the attitude to deliberately ignore every suggestion made to make things better.
I decided I will stop using Curve at least for now.

Hope they will get better with time and than I will reconsider

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