Card Details and PIN unavailability

This might have been reported in a different thread, but I would like to raise it as a bug/enhancement.

The “Show PIN” and “View card details” DO NOT work when there is no network connection, i.e. no Wi-Fi or data connection. Your phone must be connected to one or the other otherwise the following message is displayed:
“Please check your network connection and try again.”

Why is this a problem? I have often found myself in shopping malls or Super Markets where the network connectivity is very poor. While I do remember my card’s PIN, there have been occasions where I have this mental block and either I do not remember it or mix it up with another one. I guess everyone has experienced this…
So when I need to check it the most, the app fails me.

I have reported this a few times to support and supposedly it has been forwarded to the Development team, but no progress so far.

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