Card details no longer visible in app for Samsung Pay + card

So the app seems to have updated and I can no longer see my card number in the app using android and there is no card number on my card.

I used to enter the app. Click card details and I could copy and paste but now when I click details the only option is to see my pin.

Anyone know how I can access my card number to use for online payments?

So when clicking the ‘Card Details’-button (on the card picture) you don’t have the option to see the card details (see screenshot below)? I am on Android app version 2.80.3.

No. I only have the option to see pin…

You have the Samsung Pay + card as I can see from your screenshot, something similar for the Samsung Pay + card (Curve card seems not to be affected) has been reported here:

I would recommend you to contact Curve support ( to report this.

As this issue seems not to be account related, but Samsung Pay + card related, I have moved this topic to the bugs category and edited the subject.

I have the same issue (as of today?). Very annoying as I have no other way to see my CVC.

Hey guys - a few customers have brought this up recently, so it’s been on our radar - I don’t really know what this could be yet (it might be a bug, also might be a feature update) so I’m going to check with our engineering team then get back to you!

Hey guys - I’ve heard back from the team and it looks as if a fix has been deployed for this, would you mind deleting and reinstalling your apps if you still can’t view your card details?

All seems to be working again now. Thanks for the help.

Now working for me too. Thank you for the quick resolution!

This issue is still present on 2.82.0 for my girlfriend’s Red Investor card. I can only see an option to view the Card PIN but no details.



Thanks for the feedback I’ll send it to the team.