Card does not work after switching from a blue card to a black card

Hi there. I’m a black card holder. But since I switched from a free card to a paid black I can’t use it. Slowly a month. Support in the app did not help. I can’t add my black card to Google Pay. And I haven’t even received my physical card( over 3 weeks) which is weird, because the free blue also arrived sooner. Anyone have a similar problem? Can anyone help?
Thank you :pray:t2:

Chek if you have the button (SET DEFAULT…) when you open the Curve app > Account.
If yes, remove all your Curve cards from your GooglePay account, then open the Curve app again and click the button. Then check if your card was added.

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I think I’ve tried everything. I didn’t get the black card and the problem wasn’t solved. Once a week, they send some nonsensical letter, but nothing else. The last time was a problem with my ID card … i took another photo, took a new selfie … but nothing. The 10 € were deducted yesterday, I don’t understand for what ??! . I asked them to delete my card, but that didn’t happen.
I’m disappointed. (Google translate)