Card expired, "Update details" button doesn't do anything

Title is pretty self explanatory. One of my cards expired and the app says “Expired” and also shows an “Update details” button on top of the card. The button reacts to tapping on it (flickers gray) but doesn’t do anything.

Am I missing anything or is this yet another bug in the app?

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Until now I don’t think it was possible to update the details of an expired card. You had to add the new card, necessarily after deleting the old one if the PAN was the same.

I can see that button now and I see that it does not work. Maybe it was not meant to be clickable and was just meant as a message to tell you to add the new card? Don’t know.

Well, that sucks. New card doesn’t have the same 16 digit number – they rarely do, if ever – so I’m to understand that i won’t be able to carry over the transaction history in Curve, but will have to keep the old card saying expired if I want that tx history? That’s a weird design decision

If I’m not wrong even after you delete a card the history remains in the tab “my money”.

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And which card would those history entries be then associated with if the card was deleted?

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I have this exact same issue - expired card, but hitting “update details” button in the middle of the card in the wallet does nothing. It looks like a button and clicks like a button so I presume it’s supposed to work!