Card has defaced its number

Hi there, I contacted you by tweet as my card had defaced it’s number and is really hard to read. It’s really hard to find it how to just get a replacement card. Your tweet said to order one through your chat which in guessing it’s here?
Have you any suggestions on how to prevent the numbers rubbing off and getting a replacement
Thank you Alex

Hi and welcome to the Curve user community :wave:t2:

Nope, this isn’t the chat. This is the user community.
For now the in-ap chat is only available for Black an Metal customers on the account tab.

You should be able to contact support (and ask for a replacement card) from the app, but if you can’t find where, you can contact support by sending an email to Both go ‘into’ the same ticketing system, so this shouldn’t make a difference.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for replying,

I have looked through support in the app and there is nowhere to contact someone about my issue . I can report the card lost or stolen so surely you could just add replacement card?

Thank you

Alex Dunlop

Ok, as I said you can send Curve support an email ( to ask for a replacement card.
I am a Curve user/customer just like you so I am not able to help you with that.

Hey @Alex14, welcome to the Community! Glad to have you here :blush:

In this case, you should send an email to our support team ( and let them know you need a new card. You can also go through the ‘report card lost or stolen’ option in your app. This will ask you to confirm some security details before a member of our team get’s back to you.

Make sure to clarify that your card isn’t lost / stolen and you just need a replacement because the numbers are fading. They should be able to send you a new card without blocking your current one.