Card (holder) name on Curve card different than on underlying card, allowed?

Hi, can I add a new card to the Curve account that includes my wife’s name? We use a common card for the household.
Thank you for answer. :wink:

Hello @KeezlaB,

We don’t have joint accounts yet. Your wife can sign up for her own Curve account to get a Curve card :slight_smile:

Thank you for answer. She creates her own account and her own card, but I have another problem. Can I add her debit card to my account?

No, one funding card can only be connected to one Curve card. We are investigating how to enable our customers with shared bank accounts and cards to use them with Curve.

OK. Do I understand correctly that if I add a card to my Curve account, I only have my card with my name? Otherwise, is the account blocked?

Can I add a debit card to my Curve account only once?

Why would you want to add the same debit card to your Curve account twice?

If you mean if it is possible to add the same debit card to two (or more) different Curve accounts the answer (also given by Marie) is No.

OK I understand. I still have a question. If I add a card to my Curve account with different name, will my card blocked?

Pre November 18 I used to have my wife Lloyds M/C on my curve so we could both work towards the Avios upgrade voucher as she used the Lloyds card herself. I think that has been blocked but also when we got her a curve card I couldn’t add that one to her Curve as it was on mine so cancelled it on mine and added it to hers. It worked well at the time. Haven’t tried another card since might be worth a try🤔

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Here it seems that the card was added.

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Is it possible to add a familly member card along mine or all cards should be on my name?

Same question is asked here.

Thanks, I looked but I did not see the straight answer is it allowed or not? The idea is 2 persons to have separate Curve accounts but to add each other cards and different purchases to be deligated to the cards. So funds can be shared.

@Curve_Marie ? :slight_smile:

You can add other person’s card to your account, but the card can be linked with only one Curve account at the same time.


Yes… I am doung it… using my partner’s business card (in his name) tied to me as I buy stuff for the business… sundries etc. Means he can then use the main card as he needs to.

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